Alliance Universities

This is the area where we are very selective, we do our own due diligence of university to work with, we consider several aspects within university before we offer it to our candidates, it includes primarily the management and their vision, academic council, statutory approvals, research facilities etc. However, there are number of universities available that offers PhD programme and it is delightful to be associated with the most reputed universities but not everyone can get there, you need to be definite that the university or the consulting organization you are working with supports your idea for research and assists you with resources.

We at Madhumitha Education Research Centre, are consulting for highest grade degree program i.e. PhD, we know we need to be very cautious in all aspects while selecting the university, though PhD is undeniably most respectful and desirable degree but attaining the same is not easy, it’s not only a matter of finishing the programme but surviving is also a matter to emphasis on. For successfully completing your PhD, you seriously need mentors for the right direction and guidance and who really have hands on experience.