Back Dated Degree
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Back Dated Degree

Generally, a Backdate Degree intends to Obtain a Degree in past dates ( Example — Suppose you are in Present means march 2019 and you need a Degree of the year 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–2013 without doing anything ), this is named as Backdated Degree.

Presently, the First inquiry comes at the top of the priority list that is certified or not?

So First, remember this is certainly not a legal procedure regardless of certain Institutes, Coaching Centers, Education Agents, Education Consultants who guaranteed you give Backdated Degree from UGC Government Recognized Universities however 90% guarantees are fake disregarding all we get in touch with them. Initially, ensure the individual ought to be veritable who is proposed to give this degree to you. To get a Backdated degree in India is basic essentially just a Google check for the Backdated degree you will find various Classified ads, Websites, Blogs, offering the degrees, even there are some agents close to colleges. A few colleges themselves offering Backdated Degree, these colleges give Degree, provisional, certificates to students but if you apply for government jobs, higher study, and embassies then maybe you get in trouble.

Is it Possible to Get a Backdated Degree?

Yes, it is possible but not authentic, not real, and might you get in trouble but there is a process to get a degree in less time so why have to go for a backdated degree? In less time means in 1 year through one sitting degree. on the off chance that you have three years hole after the twelfth, however, you need to give the substantial purpose behind this gap.

Presently, What to do?

On the off chance that you need hard to get a Backdated degree for the acquisition of occupations and any issue then you ought to need to realize that there are such a significant number of situations where organizations boycotted representatives for utilizing this procedure. Go for one sitting degree or Graduation Degree in One Year through Credit Transfer or Lateral Entry.


The premise of a backdated degree would be that you have completed the requirements of the degree you desire but you would prefer it to be backdated, or have been issued before your actual completion of all the requirements. An example:

You complete the requirements for an MA in Agriculture in 2021. However, you have it issued to show graduation in 2010.

Now, in general, reputable schools will not do this, and by their accreditation probably cannot do this. But there can be exceptions. For example, you completed all the requirements for a master except your thesis, which you did not complete because one of your committee members left the school and moved to Hawai’i to become a fishing boat captain. Unable to reach the good captain, things ground to a halt. Perhaps then some schools would work with you to have the degree backdated—a ten-year back-date probably is not possible but maybe a year or two.

How this would be helpful is it would suggest you have had the degree longer than you, technically, have but in the example, with the thesis, you would have the same coursework already done so it would not be fully inaccurate. The legality of this though is something you’d need to discuss with the specific school in question. I would be wary of any school eager to backdate a degree: some may be able to do so in extreme cases, but if they are overly willing, something’s wrong.