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PhD in Management

PhD in management and in related topics is available at all leading Business Schools besides the universities. Research in management is preferably appropriate for the academically motivated individuals who have some level of professional and practical experience in management. It is best for the persons who wish to go into academics, advanced research or training as well as for those aiming at consulting or positions abroad. Areas of specialization for the PhD in management are enormous not only limited to finance, Marketing, HR, production etc. PhD in Management in India is now not only an option for the people willing to build a career in academics or research, Over the last decade, it is observed that lot many more professionals began to realize the value offered by PhD in Management, numerous people from the corporate world are keen on opting a doctorate degree programme in management.

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PhD in Commerce

PhD in Commerce is a syndicate of certain subjects like accounting, economics, management etc. The rapid growth in the financial sector in the country and several organizations are also engaged in the international business demands an in-depth understanding of strategy and structuring of finance, besides this it has also open up many new positions in senior management level. The basic aims of PhD in commerce are: To understand the ongoing trends in business administration, and the inter correlation amongst various thoughts & practices in this dynamic business world. It is the uppermost degree one can obtain in commerce. In case you think you are a finance fanatic and passionate about numbers then PhD in commerce would be an ideal accomplishment for you.

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PhD in Science

A PhD in Science is an academic research degree in different streams offered in almost all government and private universities, the scope of research in science is very vast or we can also say unlimited. The topic of research must be fresh, ideas should be original, innovative and the work should meet international standards. Guide/Supervisor plays a very important role especially in PhD in science. Any subject whatsoever in the department of science demands a lot of samples, data, experiments, equipment and well planned analytical methods that can leads to a meaningful research, it is necessary for the researchers to have a strong understanding of basic principles to ensure a correct analysis of the experimental data and must design new suitable techniques of experiments. Career opportunities are massive in the field of academics, non-academics and research.

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PhD in Arts

The PhD in Arts refers to deals in a laborious, compassionate and vibrant atmosphere wherein the exploration of ideas and factual practice related to artistic research leads to the creation of art. You may require to perform using multiple object based practice multiple objects and materials such as fitting, monument, ceramics, hybrid and spatial practices, sound, performance, media arts, video, painting, printmaking, drawing, photography and. You will study the artistic, cultural and social aspect of your research and draw upon trans-disciplinary practices and enquiries.

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PhD in Computer Science

PHD program in computer science or information technology (IT) deals with exhaustive research groundwork in design, programming, philosophy and applications. PHD in Computer science is primarily to work on computer processes and computational systems. Researchers explores more on software, hardware, computer systems, Unlike computer engineers creating software using theory, design, development, and application. The main emphasis of research is in the areas of data mining, distributed algorithms, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, algorithms, computer and network security, database systems, web technologies, human-computer interaction, graphics and multimedia, programming languages and core computer science, Researcher must establishhis/her proficiency in areas of computer science and should originate a novel contribution to research in the field of computer science. Career opportunities are vast in academics and non-academics both.

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PhD in Engineering

PhD in Engineering is offered in many streams, it emphases on many disciplines and research subject such as field robotics, agricultural engineering, biomedical engineering and technologies, human-centered technology, complex systems, materials and structures etc.The PhD in Engineering offers with an opportunity to widen as well as to deepen his/her understanding in a number of areas of engineering. Researcher must establish his/her proficiency in areas of engineering and should originate an original contribution to research in the field of engineering. Career opportunities are vast in academics and non-academics both.

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PhD in Pharmacy

PhD. in pharmacy integrates the abilities and understanding of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice with an aim to formulate an innovative research for the development of treatments to avoid the disease and improve health. PhD. in pharmacy emphases on the research activities that includes basic, applied and clinical investigations in the areas of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Drug Delivery, Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Analysis etc.key objectives of this programme is the candidates who are looking for teaching and research jobs in academic institutions or aiming at joining the pharmaceutical industry and other health related organizations, a great career in future, pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace across the globe, undoubtedly the career opportunities are vast in academics and non-academics both.

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PhD in Law

PhD in Law is designed for such candidates who possess advanced research interests in the interdisciplinary study of law, Unlike who aspire to study about law from the disciplinary angles of the social sciences or the humanities that prepares candidates for practice An extensive choice is available for research areas comprising of international environmental law, international law, comparative law, human rights law, maritime law, and much more. Though the field and scope of study is massive, candidate has to explore the areas in the role of law in transformation of existing methods of regulations and governance at the local, national and global levels, the connection between law, crime and security.

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