University with sufficient facilities for conducting research can only offer PhD programs, facilities such as

1. Exclusive research laboratories with sophisticated equipment.
2. Adequate space per research scholar in each Department.
3. Computer facilities with high speed internet and essential software(s).
4. A comprehensive library resources, Indian and International journals, e-journals etc.
5. Well managed storage space storing study and research materials.
6. University shall also collaborate with neighboring Institutions/Colleges, R&D laboratories and organizations which have the facilities also permit students to access such facilities

Many universities offer PhD in part-time mode. It is only permitted to such candidates, who are working professionals in reputed research organizations, academic Institutes and industries, situated preferably not too far from the university campus. Candidates needs to obtain a NOC from the organization where they are employed. However, University shall offer PhD in Part-time mode in a strict compliance of the provisions laid down in the UGC guideline 2016.
Distance Mode

M.Phil. / PhD. Programmes through distance education mode are not permitted by UGC so far.